Monday, August 4, 2014

Light Fixtures

We have several light fixtures we want to replace in our house. The worst culprit was the giant dining room ceiling fan. Here it is in all its glory:

So I wanted to find something smaller and with a whimsical feel. When I saw this piece for $5 at Restore, I knew it was what I wanted. Our dining room has some little brass accents and fun plants and a botanical study/library vibe. Now, I am fully aware that not all of you will see the whimsy I saw in this piece, and I can understand that—it is totally a 90s piece. But for some reason, I like it. So I fixed it up and my husband installed it.

So then I started frequenting the lighting section in Restore. Which is how I happened across this gem. Since it was obviously an outdoor light before I got it, it wasn't in great condition, which is probably why this was also only $5. Yay for an awesome deal twice!! 
At first I thought I wanted it to replace a light that we have outside our hallway bathroom. Then as Jake started installing it, I saw that we wouldn't actually be able to see it, and this piece really does need to be seen. I love the different colored beveled glass panels, and I wanted to be able to enjoy this fixture in a more "seen" area. So my patient husband wasted 25 minutes of his time and energy to stop installing it outside the bathroom, reinstall the old fixture there, and then uninstall a different light and install this fun one in its place. Bless him.
Here is the before (boring, typical light):

And here is the beautiful fixture I replaced it with:

 And the lesson from today: Shop at Restore!