Monday, September 30, 2013

Random Yard Findings

So in case you had forgotten, our property used to be a landscaping company. We have been clearing out so much junk and trying to find uses for some of it, but a lot of it just needs to go. Love how much we have found (and I know we'll find more), but seriously....anyone have any projects they could use this stuff in? Here's a list of free materials:
LOTS of PVC pipe: 1" and 1.5" diameter....bits from about 1' long to 20' long pieces (we have at least 20 pipes full length).
5 12' sections white vinyl siding with various channel and corner pieces—perfect for a dog house project ;)
2 rubber bobcat tracks
Pile of scrap metal (mostly fencing)

Green plastic netting


Thursday, September 26, 2013

Building a Raised Bed with Bamboo

I'm really excited about this post. This was a project that definitely exceeded my expectations. Jake and I are wanting to start planting food as soon as possible and making our raised beds was the next step. We have SO MANY natural materials lying around our property, that we knew we could surely make something without spending a penny. Jake did some research, found inspiration for this idea and went with it.

Step 1: Clear some land area

We found some stakes just chilling in our yard

Step 2: Sharpen stakes with whatever means necessary (just be careful with those machetes!)

Step 3: Trim up some bamboo (save the thin ends for future marshmallow roasting)

We did a trial wall of the raised bed to see how it would work. At first I was skeptical, but as the wall grew, so did my excitement.

Step 4: Hammer stakes into the ground at each corner of planned bed and 1 or 2 in between the corners.

Step 5: Weave bamboo in between stakes. We chose a 5'x8' format for this raised bed. This trial wall is the 5' side.

Finished weaving!

Step 6: Trim off stakes


The finished wall looked so great, we decided to build the full thing. But first, sharpen more stakes!

Measure for placement, then hammer into the ground

We added cardboard at the bottom for our base layer of the bed itself. Jake undid the trial wall, and started over so all the bamboo would interweave well.

Then he realized bamboo wasn't THAT bendy and switched to 4 stakes instead of 5 on the long ends of the bed.

Trim off the stakes at the very end.


So proud of him.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Finds

I am not one of those people who decorates differently as each season changes. But, I'd like to do a bit more of it and add little touches around the house. I've kept my eyes peeled for some fun fall decor that still fits in with the overall look of my home.

Today, I stopped by Habitat for Humanity on Wade Hampton Blvd. and found this beautiful leather bag that is perfect for hauling around my Kids4Truth paperwork and craft materials. Price tag? Only $5. I can't find much on this brand though—if anyone knows anything about it, please comment on this post!

On my way out the door (after paying for the bag), I noticed these sweet little brass Jack O' Lantern candle holders sitting on a table. I couldn't pass them up and bought all 4 (Only $1.50 each). Now, I have 2 on my dining room mantle, one on a side table with a plant, and one by my goldfish in my living room. THAT is the kind of fall decorating I was looking for. Little sweet touches like this.

Perfect for holding craft supplies!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fire Pit

About a month ago, Jake built a makeshift fire pit to burn some of our brush in (safely of course). He picked a random spot, but when we thought about it more it's actually a perfect spot and we wanted to make the pit permanent. It's located not too close to the house, but not too far away. Under the trees, but not quite where they could catch fire. It's off the path down through our backyard, but not far off. Honestly, I'm thrilled.

Jake had found a bunch of random cement blocks and whatnot to surround the area, and all we had to do was find a bunch of awesome stones around our property and lug them back to the pit and place them prettily around. Jake did most of the lugging and I did most of the placing. (But for the record, I did do SOME lugging).

Looking forward to some awesome fall bonfire nights with s'mores and hot chocolate. <3


Finding rocks

Finding rocks

Seriously, our backyard is a jungle
Getting rid of the old fire pit
New fire pit!
New fire pit!