Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ice on the Homestead

It's been a long time since I did a post (which I noticed when my good friend Elizabeth (http://www.ecollinswriter.com) wrote a post that mentioned me and included a link to this blog. So I guess I could say she made inspired me to write this. I will tell you, Instagram has been my nemesis to blogging. Why would I bother to keep up with a blog about our little homestead when I can just instantly post a good-looking photo or photo collage to social media? Even as I sit here snuggled in my warm bed, happily typing away, my husband looked over and said, "A blog post?? What is this magic?" So...... here's a post. Mostly just pictures. Because who doesn't want to see how gorgeous our property is when it's iced over? And this is much better than just uploading a facebook album. Now, time for a hot beverage....

Our Winter Wonderland

The road in front of our house. ICE.

Our driveway. Also ICE.

See, no footprints. ICE.