Monday, May 5, 2014

Garden Update and Hugelkultur How To

Just wanted to give a brief blog update on the garden and then give steps on how to build a hugelkultur bed.
I took these photos of the garden on April 27 so even now it's looking better. Our first harvest ever was a bunch of radishes. Soon after came the kale and lettuce. We planted a bunch more veggies that day and already the cucumbers, tomatoes, and more radishes are sprouting.

On May 3, we planted field corn for feed for the chickens we are hoping to get next spring and also watermelon and pumpkins in the hugelkultur bed.

 Hugelkultur is mostly about making a mound of rotting materials and then planting on/in it. 

Step 1: Pile up wood, preferably rotting.

 Step 2: Add compost/grass clippings/whatever.

Step 3: Pile on the dirt.

 Step 4: Go get more dirt. (And yes, even though I'm not pictured in all these, I did my fair share.)

Step 5: Pile on more dirt.

Step 6: Plant and water.

 Happy Spring!



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