Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Finds

I am not one of those people who decorates differently as each season changes. But, I'd like to do a bit more of it and add little touches around the house. I've kept my eyes peeled for some fun fall decor that still fits in with the overall look of my home.

Today, I stopped by Habitat for Humanity on Wade Hampton Blvd. and found this beautiful leather bag that is perfect for hauling around my Kids4Truth paperwork and craft materials. Price tag? Only $5. I can't find much on this brand though—if anyone knows anything about it, please comment on this post!

On my way out the door (after paying for the bag), I noticed these sweet little brass Jack O' Lantern candle holders sitting on a table. I couldn't pass them up and bought all 4 (Only $1.50 each). Now, I have 2 on my dining room mantle, one on a side table with a plant, and one by my goldfish in my living room. THAT is the kind of fall decorating I was looking for. Little sweet touches like this.

Perfect for holding craft supplies!

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