Monday, September 23, 2013

Fire Pit

About a month ago, Jake built a makeshift fire pit to burn some of our brush in (safely of course). He picked a random spot, but when we thought about it more it's actually a perfect spot and we wanted to make the pit permanent. It's located not too close to the house, but not too far away. Under the trees, but not quite where they could catch fire. It's off the path down through our backyard, but not far off. Honestly, I'm thrilled.

Jake had found a bunch of random cement blocks and whatnot to surround the area, and all we had to do was find a bunch of awesome stones around our property and lug them back to the pit and place them prettily around. Jake did most of the lugging and I did most of the placing. (But for the record, I did do SOME lugging).

Looking forward to some awesome fall bonfire nights with s'mores and hot chocolate. <3


Finding rocks

Finding rocks

Seriously, our backyard is a jungle
Getting rid of the old fire pit
New fire pit!
New fire pit!

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  1. I don't know... the old fire pit had a bit of maniacal charm. :o)