Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rocking Chairs and Other Thrifted Finds

I've been searching for some rocking chairs to go on our front porch but most that I had found at thrift stores were either in poor condition or were just too much money in my opinion. I had seen these beauties at the Miracle Mart on Pete Hollis Blvd. priced at $75 each and loved them but didn't want to spend that much. Kept going back and one day they were down to $55 each. Well, I know the manager there, so I caught him and asked him if he could give me a deal and he gave them to me for $40 each. So happy! AND they both fit in my car so I didn't have to take an extra trip. =) Here's a list of the other adorable findings:
Mail storage—$7 (Salvation Army)
Pink bottle—$1 (Salvation Army)
Mini bread tins—$2.50 (Miracle Mart on Pete Hollis Blvd.)
Garland—$1.50 (Miracle Mart on Pete Hollis Blvd.) (I actually have 2 matching ones in gold and multi-colored so that's happy)
Rocking Chairs—$40 each (Miracle Mart on Pete Hollis Blvd.)

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  1. wow that was a real result, they look amazing on your porch**