Thursday, August 18, 2016

Farmhouse Dining Room Table

We have a farmhouse. With a massive dining room. We love to have friends over to eat. So naturally we decided we wanted a massive table. In fact, I recently found our wishlist for things for our home when we first moved in and "epic dining room table" made the list. Soon after moving in, we made a trip up to Ohio and Jake found a bunch of cherry planks that his dad had made from a tree he cut down in the 70s. Amazing family history—perfect for a family table! Dad was generous enough to give us 5 boards, which was interesting getting home in our car. :) It took Jake awhile to get the boards planed—he ended up joining a local Woodworker's Guild to have the tools at hand that he needed. Jake's dad also helped Jake get a bunch of work done on the base when he was here for a quick visit. I'm just really excited to have a beautiful table to make memories at.

Here are the steps to make this type of a farmhouse table:
1. Order legs off (Yes, that's the actual name)
2. Plane wood.
3. Assemble tabletop (glue and pocket screw).
4. Build base (mortise+dowels and pocket screws).
5. Sand.
6. Sand some more.
7. Finish with Waterlox (tung oil).
8. Attach tabletop to base (kerf+tabletop fasteners).

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