Monday, August 22, 2016

Teal Dresser Redo

I was wanting to find another piece of furniture for our baby's nursery back when I was pregnant. I wanted something to hold toys and books and other miscellaneous things. Well, I always take our recycling to a nearby recycling area and one time when I was there, someone had dropped off their old dresser! Jake happened to be with me and he was more than dubious. But I knew I wanted to try to redo it, and there was nothing to lose! The dresser itself was solid wood. Someone had taken out the bottom 3 drawers and replaced them with hideous plywood shelves. So while Jake was out of state for work, I busied myself by redoing this piece. First, I removed the plywood. Then I sanded the whole thing down. I went to Home Depot and got nicer plywood and had them cut it to size there. I then nailed the wood shelves on. The back needed some help, and I had some sweet wrapping paper from the dollar section in Target, so I glued that to the back. When I was at Home Depot for the wood, I got a sample size can of paint in a vibrant teal color, and also picked up a $0.50 can they had in a similar color in the return discount section to do the priming. After all the sanding and putting the new shelves on, and papering the back, I painted the exterior. For a pretty minimal cost (less than $30 spent at Home Depot), we ended up with an awesome piece for all of our baby's toys, books, and first aid and feeding supplies!

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