Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Linen Shelves

Jake finished these shelves ages ago, but my good friend, Liz (read her blog here) has strongly encouraged (pushed) me to blog more so I need to catch up! And I believe this is the oldest house project that I need to blog about. We bought oak steps, yes, literal steps that go on a stairway, for the shelves. I painted them white (my one contribution to the project). Jake used 1x1s to frame in where the shelves would be and for the shelves to rest on. Seems like an easy project, right? That's what I thought. Because I'm the optimist here. But Jake the realist (or pessimist as I prefer to call him) said that no project is as easy as I make it out to be. In this instance he was correct.....because our walls aren't straight/square! Super fun. For Jake that is. I just watched. Well he did a magnificent job and now I have a lovely place for all our linens!

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  1. Why were there not shelves there all along? Genius.