Friday, April 5, 2013

Closing Day

I am so incredibly blessed. My husband is the mastermind behind everything with purchasing the house. I just told him I loved the house and wanted it. He did a lot of hard work, along with our wonderful realtor, George Clements, and our amazing mortgage lady, Bethany Zitlaw. But buying this house wouldn't have happened without our God. He made this happen and I am so thankful to Him.

So, this is the first post on this new blog. Obviously. I want to be so eloquent, but there's not much to say yet. We bought a house. A beautiful house. I should probably give the specs here—30s or 40s farmhouse with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths (plus an unfinished one, so will eventually be 3.5), dining room, living room, kitchen, upstairs reading nook landing, laundry room/pantry, back patio, 10 foot beadboard ceilings, hardwood floors, and pretty much just a ton of awesomeness, all on 1.5 acres.

Jake and I want to eventually live off the grid as much as possible. Some future (like, as we save up the money for them) projects include a tin roof and corresponding rainwater harvesting system, chickens, a large vegetable garden and orchard, solar panels, etc. Then of course is all the indoor energy saving things we'll be doing. Plus, to add to the sustainability mindset, we'll be trying to add to our furnishings as much as we can from Craigslist, yardsales, and thrift stores. We basically furnished our apartment with IKEA, and so we have the basic pieces, but we want to make this house special (nothing against IKEA, they're wonderful). So not only will I be posting home projects, I'll be posting about "new" furniture I find, reupholstering projects, painting, etc.

I am so thrilled for what God has in store for us with this house. We'll just try to be the best stewards of it that we can be.


  1. Such a cool house! Can't wait to see what you do with it..... Happy for your both..

  2. By the way, where is it???

    1. on 290/Locust Hill Road =)Thank you so much!!

  3. Oh, Rachel, it's beautiful!! Can't wait to see how everything comes together! Congratulations!!