Friday, April 19, 2013

The In-Laws Come to Town

Some of you may think this post is off to a bad start with that title. But this is not true in my case. Jake's parents drove down from Ohio for a few days just to help us fix up some things in our house. And then my dad took off work today to help as well. Could I have a better family? I think not.

Here are some of the things that our parents have done today and yesterday:
-Traced down wiring
-Powered up outlet branches
-Brought electrical up to code (almost...) ;)
-Got all the lights and fans working in the house
-Scrubbed tile floors
-Installed programmable thermostat
-Washed and scrubbed down the front of the house/porch area
-New fridge installed (stove was put in a couple weeks ago)

And guess what? We are having another work day tomorrow! So I will hopefully be posting again soon. And if the rain holds off, it will be more of an outdoor work day.

It was hard to get pictures of the extremely hard work that our dads did with all the electrical stuff, but I have a couple just to give a taste. And please, enjoy those lovely before/after shots of all the cleaning Mom2 did!

The dads hard at work.

My new stove!!

In case you can't tell, the new fridge is DRASTICALLY bigger and I love it!!


  1. Love the pictures! That picture of your Dad's looking at the electrical panel... is just so cute and funny! :o) SO glad for all the work they can help you do! Great stuff! :o)

  2. So exciting, Rachel! I LOVE those dining chairs! jealous! =)

  3. Those chairs are amazing! and we just pressure washed our house too. We could not believe the difference. Great job.

    1. Thanks! Loving reading your blog. =)