Saturday, April 27, 2013

Moving Day!

Today was the day. We finally moved into our new home. Even though it was rainy, the rain held off during the times that we were moving the bulk of our stuff from the apartment to the truck, and the truck to the apartment.
This is our home.
That excites me and Jake a whole lot.
We had some fabulous friends come and help us a whole lot. Without them, we couldn't have done this move. Also, my mom came and cleaned our whole apartment after we moved out. So thankful for her. And then to add a cherry to the top of this special day, my dad went out and bought and then installed a dishwasher for us. I LOVE MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY. A lot.

P.S. Yes, we have done some painting, but I'm thinking I'm just going to do one really long post on all the painting stuff. Can't wait to show you all that!

Our moving crew—Ashley, Joshua, Lauren, me, Jake, and Matthew
Jake explaining something. Lauren's face is the best. Haha.

My wonderful parents

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