Sunday, April 28, 2013

How to Patch Ceiling Holes

When we bought the house, it came with 2 holes in the ceilings—one in the living room where someone had stepped through it while in the attic, and one in the master bedroom where there was a pipe for a wood-burning stove. Both were pretty large and couldn't be ignored. This past week, Jake and our friend, Matt worked on getting those fixed up.

Patching drywall:
Cut out a squared-off section that includes all the damaged area.
Cut a piece of drywall to fit.
Add wood supports to hold the new piece of drywall.
Put in the new piece of drywall and anchor it to the supports with drywall screws.
Tape and mud it.

Patching bead-board:
Square off the hole.
Cut out bead-board to fit the hole.
Add wood supports.
Nail the new bead-board to the supports.

Not as bad as it sounds is it?
Before in the Living Room

Squaring it off

They both make funny faces.

Squaring it off in the master bedroom.

Cutting the Bead-board

Adding supports

It fits!

And sometimes there are casualties along the way.

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