Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Thrifting for Household Treasures and Necessities

Some of you like couponing. In fact, it's almost your calling in life you're so good at it. Seeing the tally of savings on the bottom of a receipt gives you a bit of a high. Me, I HATE couponing. Can't stand it. The only time I really did it was in the 2 months my husband was looking for work. If I don't NEED to do it, I won't. Couponing just adds too much stress in my life that I don't need. So where do I save money? THRIFTING. I get that high off of finding an awesome deal on pretty much anything at a yard sale or in a thrift store. For me, it's like treasure hunting. And thrifting really is a part of my worldview—using what has already been made and instead of old things heading to landfills or new things going through production and creating a ton of pollution....REUSE, REDUCE, RECYCLE.

To help aid you in realizing how awesome thrifting is (though I suspect many of you reading this already DO know), I will be doing several posts when I've collected some awesome treasures to show you all. I'll also list the price (if I remember) and where I found it.
Collected on Saturday while yardsaling and today while thrifting:
Art Nouveau poster (by Cheret)—$12.97 (Salvation Army)
Vacuum—$25 (Miracle Hill)
Towel Hanger—$3 (Miracle Hill)
Tray—$1.50 (Yard Sale) (to hold potted plants in the dining room)
Copper Watering Can—$1 (Yard Sale) (plan is to plant succulents in it)
Trash Can—$5 (Miracle Hill)
Bamboo Utensil Holder—$4 (Miracle Hill)

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