Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chalkboard Cabinets

When we got our house, 2 of the cabinets in the kitchen just had the frame, and no panel in them. I assume they were going to eventually put glass in them, but in the end, they were glass-less and shelf-less. They are still shelf-less (it's on Jake's super long to-do list), but now they have panels. I'm not one to show off my dishes or anything, so getting glass for the doors wasn't really something I was thrilled about. Then I realized chalkboard would be perfect. I found chalkboard panels at Home Depot, had them cut the panels to size there, and fit them in without too much hassle. I used wood glue to set them in and then push points to stabilize the whole thing. Really simple project that is helpful in both hiding my things and to use as menu and grocery list boards! (Still have to purchase those awesome chalkboard markers....)



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