Saturday, May 11, 2013

Treasures for the Home

More treasures for our home! I have an awesome buddy, Ashley, who is my partner in crime when it comes to yard-saling, thrifting, and antiquing. She can sniff out a deal better than anyone I know and on top of that, her taste is spot on. We used to be neighbors at our apartment complex, and then she bought a house 3 weeks sooner than we did. So we've had fun searching for treasures together since it's yard sale season, and since we have space to put our findings!

Well, last weekend we went to the Glassy Mountain Fire Dept. yard sale (got a tip from our friends Matt and Amy) and I found this beautiful set of chairs with the most whimsical fabric ever. They wanted $75 for each chair and I talked them down to $120 since i was buying both. That is a lot of money to put down, but these chairs were just too magical to pass up. I also picked up a little print that was signed by the artist and was print 3/11. Pretty sweet! Then we decided to make a day of it and headed up to Hendersonville since the Glassy Mountain Fire Dept. is halfway there anyway. In an antique store on Main Street (Village Green Antique Mall), I found my favorite treasure, which we dubbed "Henry". Henry is a longhorn skull with beautiful horns that is now proudly displayed above our dining room fireplace. I love him and he makes our dining room that much more awesome. Also in that antique store, I found a sweet little kitchen stool. I'd been looking for one for awhile, but I was being picky about it. It had to be solid and a good height and width. I'd found a few but they were anywhere from $35-$50!! So even though I wasn't planning on spending this much at the beginning of my search, I plunked down $20 for this cute little stool. It's perfect for our kitchen and we've already used it quite a bit. Worth the $20 for sure.

While in Hendersonville, I also found a frame for the little print I got at the yard sale earlier in the day (white frame with the green print pictured below). You can find awesome frames for super cheap if you try. I found a little blue-grey frame for 50 cents at a yard sale to house my Kent Ambler cicada print (which I got for only $20 at Art and Light gallery off Augusta Road), an awesome orange and dark wood frame for pennies at the Goodwill pay by the pound, and a lovely green and light wood frame with a radish botanical illustration in it for $8 at an antique store in Hendersonville.

To add to this list of treasures, I got a 2 tables a couple weeks ago at the Habitat for Humanity Restore store for $24 and $25. They are solid pieces (I think the low bench table thing is made from cedar), and I know we'll get a lot of use out of them.

So here's the tally for this post:

2 bee fabric dining chairs—$120 (Glassy Mountain Fire Dept. Yard Sale)
1 Bench/Table—$25 (Habitat for Humanity Restore on Wade Hampton)
1 Side Table with Drawer—$24 (Habitat for Humanity Restore on Wade Hampton)
Longhorn Skull and Horns—$125 (Village Green Antique Mall)
Kitchen Step Stool—$20 (Village Green Antique Mall)
Radish Botanical Illustration with Frame—$8 (Antique Store)
Orange and Dark Wood Frame—$0.10 (Goodwill Pay by the Pound on Haywood Road)
Cream Frame with White Matting—$1 (Hendersonville Goodwill)
Green Plant Linocut—$1.50 (Glassy Mountain Fire Dept. Yard Sale)
Blue-Grey Frame—$0.50 (Yard Sale)
Cicada Print by Kent Ambler—$20 (Art and Light Gallery)

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