Sunday, May 19, 2013

First Before and After Room!!

Yay! We have officially FINISHED a room in the house. Not gonna lie, it's pretty incredible to me. Now, granted, it is the smallest room in the house. Actually about half the size of the master bedroom closet, but still. IT'S A FINISHED ROOM. And that makes me happy. Here are some pictures. The long poster came from the Salvation Army (see the original post) for $12.97, the other picture is a print/painting by my dear friend, Sarah Lourenco that I bought at her senior show for about $40, and the mirror is from Trunk Treasures for $8 (thanks, Mom, for picking it up for me!) which I spray painted black. I love the French-ish look of the whole thing. I had originally wanted to paint it light grey, but we had some dark left over, and I thought it would look awesome with the beautiful sink, and things just kind of fell together. I love this room and I hope you do too.



The 2 lovely ladies in the pictures (I just had to highlight them because I love them):

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