Sunday, May 19, 2013

How to Paint a Curve on the Wall

Back when I was brainstorming about how I wanted to decorate my house, I came across a picture on Pinterest of a wall painted with 2 contrasting colors in a curve design. (See picture here.) I wanted to do something with chalkboard paint in the dining room, and figured it would be amazing if I could make this curve thing happen with the charcoal grey we were doing and the black chalkboard paint. I couldn't find a good tutorial online with how to do one, so I just used my brain, a bit of common sense, and some creativity to make this work.

It seemed easiest to use a string—made sense that a string connected to the top of the line and the end of the line, would curve in a normal manner. So after painting the first coat of dark grey, I taped the top of the string to the ceiling and had Jake hold the other end while I stepped back and had him situate it perfectly. Then I taped the middle to the window frame to keep it in place.

After that, I taped along the string. If you've ever sewed a sleeve onto a garment, you'll understand how I did the taping. I made sure the bottom of the tape was smooth (where I would be painting against) and the top wrinkled as I went along to accommodate for the curve. After the tape was in place, I removed the string.

 After the tape was in place, I painted the bottom half with the chalkboard paint. Once that was dry, I had to do the 2nd coat of grey on the top half. This time, I had to tape the other way which meant a different application of the tape since this time it was applied to the bottom of the curve. I used about 6 inch long pieces and curved them along the chalkboard paint. 

And, finished!! It turned out lovely, and I am thrilled with this one-of-a-kind addition to our dining room. Looking forward to showing you more paint changes in the house!
Also, I'd love some feedback from you all.....was this a good tutorial? Could I have been more clear in my instruction? I want to make this as helpful as possible. =) Happy painting!


  1. It looks awesome. I don't think I'm brave enough to add curves to my rooms, but if I was, the tutorial was very helpful and I'd feel confident following your steps. Looking good!

    1. Thanks for the feedback! You know I trust your opinion. =)

  2. You pretty much have sweet ideas! :)