Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Painting the Entry (Accent Stripe)

I didn't want to go crazy with painting in the house. Didn't want to do typical accent walls or a million different colors throughout the house. So we chose a few colors and decided to paint the whole house in different ways with those few colors. Most of our rooms are just 1 of those colors, plain and simple. You've already seen the dining room (if not, check out this post), and here is the only other really interesting paint job I'm doing in the house. I went with a sort of classic feel but with chalkboard paint (at a good child's height), a fun aqua, and the fresh light grey that is throughout most of the house.

Jake and I figured out a width we wanted the stripe to be and the level on the wall it would be. He measured and I taped. I put the tape on the inside of the stripe so I could paint the bottom and top and leave the stripe for last. I painted the chalkboard paint, then the light grey and re-taped it so the tape was on the outside of the stripe. I just used a brush and lightly (so as to not glop around the tape line) painted the aqua on. I pulled off the tape while the paint was still wet.

I included a picture of what happens a lot of time because of gravity with the paint. It wasn't this bad in most areas, I just photographed the worst to show you what can happen. But those little drips were easily fixed with a little brush, some chalkboard paint, and a steady hand. =)

I LOVE how much our house is changing. It really is becoming OURS.


  1. Yeah! It's official! If/when I get a house/apartment, I really want you to come and be my advisor!